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Dr. Megan Olivia Hall, NBCT, Ph.D.

STEM Teacher & Instructional Guide, Open World Learning Community

2013-2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year

Professional Approach


My teaching style is humanistic.  Student choice, whole-child education, prioritization of emotional well-being — in other words, considering the full human dignity of every student — awakens students' natural curiosity and love of learning.  Every student is a human being who deserves a fair and honest chance at a good life. As a teacher, I believe that it is my honor-bound duty to remove any obstacles to that fair chance that I possibly can.



5-8 General Science

9-12 Life Science

9-12 Chemistry

9-12 Earth & Space Science

5-12 Agricultural Education

K-12 Principal


Megan Olivia Hall is a STEM educator and instructional guide at Open World Learning Community (OWL) in St. Paul Public Schools.  A National Board Certified Teacher, she is the 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year and a 2015 NEA Foundation Global Fellow.  Megan consults through SPARK Teaching Group, leading professional development for teachers in the areas of team building, supporting student mental health, and teaching with joy.  She is an action research coach teachers pursuing Master’s in Education degrees at St. Catherine University.  


Megan holds a Ph.D. in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation from Walden University.  Her writing on deeper learning and project-based science education has been featured in Education Week and The Science Teacher.  Megan’s books include Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids, an Amazon #1 best seller in Scientific Experiments & Projects, as well as Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids, Big Chemistry Experiments for Little Kids, and Adventure Girls! STEM Crafts.  


A Leading Educator Ambassador for Equity Fellow with the Education Civil Rights Alliance, Megan is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and access in STEM education.  Megan is proud to lead diverse Advanced Placement STEM classes and a gender inclusive FIRST Robotics team at OWL.


Click this link to view Megan's full CV.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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