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“Nobody is allowed to be a passenger; everyone belongs to the ship’s crew.”
— Kurt Hahn, Seven Laws of Salem (1930).
What is Crew?

In Expeditionary Learning schools, Crew is an advisory class that serves as the heart and soul of the school community.  Crew leaders work with students for up to seven years at Open World Learning Community.  In Crew, we work on relationship building, academic advising, service, and portfolio development.

Megan's Crew

My Crew manages the school greenhouse and has been known to throw down a fierce flash mo
b.  We are caring, supportive, and understanding.  We are diverse and respectful.  We make decisions collectively, honoring all voices and creating opportunities for everyone to speak.  We are fantastic cooks.  Our mascot is the narwhal.



Successful Crews

Have these essential components:

A devoted Crew leader

Sequenced, active, focused, & explicit Crew lessons

Student voice

Collaborative decision-making

Cooperation, not compliance

Authentic service projects

Shared agreements that build trust

Celebrations that honor individuals

Crew Resources

Open World Learning Community teachers have access to a private library of Crew lessons.  Here, you can download samples from the lesson library and a Crew lesson template. 
To receive information about professional development in social and emotional learning, contact Megan.

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